For over 30 years our company is dedicated to operate under the division of two major categories, construction of factory equipment and performing works of industrial assemblies, including the construction of large volumes storage tanks.

In V.VITUCCI S.A. we pride ourselves on the activities conducted and that is why we have a strong commitment to transaprencia of our actions, teamwork, professionalism, respect for individuals and legal compliance.

This document reaffirms the General Business Principles governing business management of V.VITUCCI S.A. Our customers judge us by our actions and the fulfillment of commitments.

Our main interest is to develop and earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers, which will enable our future stay in the market.

As a result of a policy of continuous improvement our company is willing and determined to make all necessary efforts on continuously improving our processes to raise the quality standards of our products, focusing on compliance with the Standards of Safety and Environment.

The fulfillment of these objectives will allow us to:

  • Prioritize security.
  • Satisfy our customers.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Fulfill the deadlines.

We believe that compliance with the above objectives will result in prosperity for all components of the company.

November 2011


V.VITUCCI S.A. is a company dedicated to the engineering, construction and repair of process equipment, large volumes storage tanks, industrial assembly plants turnkey processes for the entire industry, oil, petrochemical, chemical, steel, mining, oil, food and general industries.

Aiming to nurture and preserve the quality of the work, the environment, health and safety of staff and client itself, aligning with the commitment of our customers with the Quality, Safety and Occupational Health and the Environment in its activities , we are committed to:

  1. Continuously and progressively improve OH & S Management, Quality and Environment, processes and technologies that allow transactions to prevent events that could lead to incidents, accidents, damage and deterioration of the health of the entire VVSA staff, customers and suppliers; the environmental impacts of our activities and services, and deficiencies in the quality of our products.
  2. Comply with regulations, standards and applicable legislation in force in the different places of operation.
  3. Consolidate a culture of customer orientation, job security, environmental care and legal compliance.
  4. Educate staff and contracted in each of these areas, through continuous training.

Disseminate this policy to all staff of VVSA, suppliers and keep it available for all levels of the company, customers and community, promoting its practice internally and encouraging others to share.

November 2011